In last weekend our horses returned from pastures to stable, friendly
winter extended outdoor time on pastures



Yesterday at Służewiec ran one of the sons of our stallion, ONTARIO HF, WIELKI DAMANTI.  He took part in the race for Piechur Prize (distance 2000m) defeated the favorites of the race and won in a very good pace. Congratulations to the breeder Krzysztof Zakolski and owner coach Jan Głowacki.

Endurance season 2011 ended


Last weekend in Zabajka last competitions were held in the Sports Horse Rally, our four pairs competed in the class P-50km competition, Martyna Klęsk on the mare SÓJKA (Wachlarz-Sawina) took 3rd  place in national competitions, and first place in the Podkarpackie Junior District Championships with an average speed of 14.79 km / h,  Piotr Bukała on the gelding PREFEKT (Ararat-Perspektywa) took 5th place with an average speed of 14.83 km / h, Czesław Witko on the mare EDIA (Monar-Edissa) took 6th place with an average speed of 14.82 km / h, and Anna Stawiarz on the mare NURKA (Aslan-Nutella) took 9th  place with an average speed of 14.94 km / h.

KUHAJLANA LAND – National Competition


Last weekend 13-14 of August KUHAJLANA RACE was held, in which our three pairs started. Czesław Witko on the stallion ALI GAZAL LA (Gazal AL-Yermeh Saqab Sangayla) took 1st place in the class P with an average speed of 15.0 km/h Anna Stawiarz on the mare EDIA (Monar-Edissa) won 3rd place  in class L with an average speed of 14.53 km/h and Piotr Bukała on the gelding PREFEKT (Ararat-Perspektywa) took 4th  place in the class P with an average speed of 14.53 km/h.

MPS, CEI, CEIYJ, CEN Kuźnia Nowowiejska


01-03 of July in Nowowiejska Kuźnia our two pairs started. Piotr Bukała riding on horse PREFEKT (Ararat-Perspektywa) in the contest CEI 1 * with an average speed of 20.87 km/h took 1st  place, and Anna Stawiarz riding on horse AGAR (Ekstern-Agora) with an average speed of 15.24 km/h  took 6th place in the competition No. 2 class P.

National Endurance HorseZABAJKA


Last weekend 03-04 June 2011 in Zabajka we had a good start at National Competitions, in which our four pairs competed; Piotr Bukała on horse PREFEKT (Ararat-Perspektywa) for a distance of 80km took 2nd  place with an average speed of 15.93 km/h and on the 50km distance  Anna Stawiarz  on horse MANTYLIUSZ (Edin-Mantylka),from our breeding and  property of Janusz Lech, took 1st  place of the average speed of 14.59 km / h; Martyna Klęsk on horse PELAR (Edin-Pelargonia) took 2nd  place with an average speed of 14.57 km/h, and Angelica Klęsk on horse CZARTAK (Esturion-Czambra) took 3rd  place with an average speed of 14.58 km/h.

National Competitions in Sport Horse Racing


On 14th  May 2011 in KJ Champion held National Competition in Sport Horse Racing "DYNAVENA CUP", in which started our two pairs; Piotr Bukała on the gelding PELAR (Edin-Pelargonia) took second place with an average speed of 15.42 km/h, and Anna Stawiarz on the gelding CZARTAK (Esturion-Czambra) took third place with an average speed of 15.41 km/h.

Start of Horse Racing Season


Last weekend 29-30.04  in Jurowce took place National Long-Distance Horse Racing SPRING CUPS RALLIES 2011, in which competed our three pairs -Piotr Bukała on horse PREFECT (Ararat-Perspektywa) in the competition No. 2 category N for a distance of 82, 6km and took 3rd place at a speed of 15.78 km/h and two pairs in the competition No.3 category P over a distance of 53.6 kilometers - Anna Stawiarz on horse Ali GAZAL LA (Gazal AL-Yermeh Shqaqb Sangayla) took 2nd place at a speed of 15.74 km/h, CzesLaw Witko on horse AGAR (Ekstern-Agora) took 4th place at a speed of 15.74 km/h.

Zabajka - Competition in Endurance


15-16 October in Zabajka took the last of this season Competition in Long-Distance Horse Racing. We had there very successful starts Piotr Bukała on mare ETEZJA (Pilot-Etra) took I place on the distance of 51 km,  Anna Stawiarz on amre ATALANTA (Ekstern-Aryjka) took II place  on the same distance and Czesław Witko on young staillion AGAR (Ekstern-Agora) took I place on the distance 31 km.



Yesterday our mares in foal, healthy and in very good shape came back to the stables from the pasture, the weather was good for us. Thank you all for your help.




Last weekend 8-9 of October was held in Gieniusze Polish Young Horse Championship, in which our young stallion took place ALI GAZAL LA in couple with  Piotrem Bukałą, who took first place.  Our young very promising stallion became a POLISH FOUR-YEAR OLD CHAMPION.


District Championships in endurance


On Sunday 19th of September our couples competed  in endurance, which took place in Zabajka; on mare ETEZJA (Pilot-Etra) Piotr Bukała took I place on the distance 80km, on mare NUTELKA (Ararat-Nutella) Anna Stawiarz took V place on distance 50 km and on mare PARSENTA (Metropolis NA-Panna) Monika Tama took VIII place on distance 50 km.  

MPS, CEI/CEIJY/CEN Kuźnia Nowowiejska


In KJ "Kuźnia Nowowiejska " in this weekend was held Polish Senior Championship, International Competition and National  Competition in Long-Distance Races. Our horses and their riders did well. Monika Tama on Mare PARSENTAIII place, Piotr Bukała on mare CYKADA (Ganges-Centra) took VI place and Czesław Witko on mare ETEZJA (Pilot-Etra) took VIII place. All horses competed in the class P on distance of 50 km. (Metroplis NA-Panna) took

Have a look at report from race by Ms.Marta Gierlińska.

Dancesport Endurance SK "Wiśnicz"


 Last weekend took place in the competition Endurance within the frame of  ARABIAN HORSE  DAY in racing horses stud "Wiśnicz".  Our stud was represented by two couples, mare CYKADA (Ganges-Centra) with Monika Tama took third place on the distance  60 km an  mare ETEZJA (Pilot-Etra) with Piotrem Bukałą took fourthplace on the same distance 60 km.

XXXII National Thoroughbred Arabian Horses Show


In this year’s show took part our two colts POSTER born 2007 (Ekstern-Parella), hird place in class and MARAN born 2009 (FS Bengali-Missouri), which took fourth place in class.

Endurance ZABAJKA 12-13 JUNE 2010


In regional Endurance Competition, which was held on 12-13 June in Zabajka  compted four of our couples,  in class L on distance 40 km Monika Tama on Golding  CZARTAK (Esturion-Czambra) took 2-3 place ex aequo with Dominika Tama on gelding EVITAR (Emigrant-Eugina), Czesław Witko on gelding GAMBIR (Wachlarz-Gryzetka)took 4th  place and Agata Nieciecka on mare ETEZJA (Pilot-Etra) took 6th   place. In class P on the distance 51 km competed Piotr Bukała on our breeding Golding  AR ASLAN (Aslan-Argentyna) , they took  1 place. We congratulate the owner Ireneusz Kubiś and wish further success.

XX Spring Youth Arabian Horse Show in Białka


This year's show was very successful for us:

MARAN (FS Bengali-Missouri) took 1st place in class IB (one-year colts) with score 41.33

FULMA  (FS Bengali-Fuma) took 7th place in class 4C (one-year fillies) with score 39,17

In Championship MARAN won the titel of

Bronze Medalist of Younger  Stallions

Dancesport Endurance


In Zabajka  on 29-30 may this year  Dancesport Endurance took  place, during our Tyree couples competed PREFEKT (Ararat-Perspektywa) with Czesławem Witko took 3rd  place in class N

ALI GAZAL LA (Gazal Al Sahqab-Yermeh Sangayla) with Piotrem Bukała took 1st place in class L and  PELAR (Edin-Pelargonia) with Moniką Tama took 7th place in class L

WELS 2010


In an international show in Wels took part ETERNAL son of our leading stallion FS BENGALI, which won second place in the class, and in the final title of the younger stallions Top Five. Congratulations to the owner Jan Głowacki and wish further success.



Today, our newly purchased stallion AGAR (Ekstern-Agora) from breeding stud SK Janów Podlaski took first place in class L on Endurance in Dylągówka. We are very pleased with his first start.



In the may edition of   Koński Market, was published an article about our breeding stud by Ms. Magdalena Rozmus entitled "The Horse aristocracy in the wild, " we invite you all warmly  to familiarize with reading this article.



Spring and our horses can enjoy another year with the spatial and rich in lush grass pastures.

Gallop. Tadeusz Budziński Photo Exibition


From 27th of Aprill till 13th of June in the Warsaw Museum of Hunting and Horse-Riding will be held the ehibition of  our well known – friendly photographer Tadeusz Budziński, this exhibition was inspired by our Horsens. 

More information can be obtained:

Łańcut’s Devil Convention in Castle in Dubiecko


Horseback ride from the historic Stud Kielnarowa in Tarnawka  to the Castle in Dubiecko.

On Thursday from our Stud left  dressed in polish gentry costumes  horseback ride to a historic castle in Dubieck, in the distance about 40 km through the beautiful foothills of Pogórze Przemyskie. The Earl Stadnicki called "Łańcut devil" was on the head of this horseback ride and as well as many great personalities. Among others the author of , set in the realities of the seventeenth century, historical novels and short stories Jackiem Komudą, painter Timur Karim, famous photographer Tadeusz Budziński.

Welcome to the gallery.


Horses on pasture


Our horses next season enjoy the freedom and fresh grass in pastures

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