(Kubinec - Om El Sanadiva)
bay stallion, 1994
breeder: Frank Spönle, DE
owner: SK Kielnarowa
sire line: Bairactar or.ar. 1813, imp. 1817 Weil (DE)
dam line: Ghazieh or.ar. 1850, hod. Anazeh Ruala (B)




FS Bengali was bred by well-known trainer Frank Spönle, who specializes in performance horses training show. FS Bengali is sired by Kubinec - transcendent sire of many champions, who originates from polish Arax - lineage Baraictar or.ar. Kubinec received as one and only stallion in ECAHO Stars ranking (the state on 31.12.2005) five stars – two for his own champion’s achievements (The Championship of Germany, Europe’s and World’s Championship, Nations Cup Vice-Championship), and the other three star were given to him for the accomplishments of his descendents. What is more interesting the same bonus was received also by his sire Balaton, as by the next ancestor in line – Menes. Worth to underline is, that in this category only two more stallions can be found – Monogramm and Padrons Psyche. Beautiful, remarkable in moving Kubinec is sire not only of stallion Koronec ( Europe’s Juvenile Championship and Nations Cup Championship, Juvenile’s Vice-Championship of the World, the highest judged for his own achievements during inauguration in ECAHO Stars in year 2005 –), El Nabila B (Vice-Championship of Kreuth 2001, Championship of Brazil 2004, Regional I Title or Championship and Scottsdale Top Ten 2006) and Davidoff Halter Championship and Championship in jumping, crossing and dressage, sire of the champions SC Dalmas and SC Dagash). Kubinec is also sire of many excellent bred mares, which give very good descendents with performance predispositions, particularly in cross with clear egyptian blood stallions. Kubinec’s dam Kosmetika in female lineage originates from mare Limba from Janów Lubelski.

FS Bengali’s dam OM El Sanadiva , her sire was famous stallion Sanadik El Shaklan, which conduced with her accomplishments to FS Bengali’s fame, as sire of international champions. Imported from United States to Germany, started to won as one-year old mare but the biggest successes were achieved by her, when she was two-year old mare. After the title of Vice-Championship in International Show in Paris, she won tittles in category of younger mares: Euro-Master championship in Fontainebleau, Nations Cup Championship in Aachen and the World Championship in Paris. After that period of time her carrier as bred mare had begun – FS Bengali was first foal of OM El Sanadiva. He was bred by Frank Spönle, when he was leaseholder of the mare. Cross with Kubinec shown to be so successful that it was repeated many times by the mare’s owner - each time with good result. The Mare Bay Diva is Vice-Champion of Germany and Champion of Europe’s Young Mares. Bint Sanadiva is the Champion of Young Mares of international show in Vilhelmsborg. Bay Dream, which was leased to Great Britain, proved to be good sire – his siblings begun to win out on the shows. Sweet Sanadiva as young mare earned the titles as: Championship of international show in Kreuth (2002), Vice-Championship of Alzacja in Mooslargue (2003) and Championship of Germany (2003). In ECAHO Stars ranking she received already one star. The stallion Shakaar Ibn Sanadiva won the Jr. Vice-Championship Stallion of Germany in year 2003.

But beyond doubt among the sibling most of successes was achieved by FS Bengali. He earned as young colt the tittles : Vice-Championship of Germany, Nations Cup Vice-Championship, Championship of international show Platin Cup in Kreuth and Vice-Championship of the World in Paris (1997). In year 2000 he won over the title of Championship of Older Stallions of Germany. In age of two years he was bought by the corporation of the owners from United States, who first kept him in Europe and after chancy beginning of show carrier and after first successes of his descendents, in the end of the year 2001 transported him to United States. There Micheal Byatta took care after FS Bengali. He started already in February in prestige show in Scottsdale and won it at once. In the next year in Albuquerque FS Bengali won US Show Championship, beating in the finale Ganges from Michałów. The history of Frank Spönle and FS Bengali, presented by Ralf Heckenbűcker (the owner of Om El Sanadiva) includes breeder’s private opinions and also Micheal Byatta opinion’s of this stallion.

Among FS Bengali’s descendents Aja Sangali distinguish himself the most, who as yearling became a Champion of Nations Cup, Europe and the World, placing himself in the same time in very narrow group of “three times crowned” and he was the first one in the history of “three times crowned” as yearling. Of course so exceptional horse attracted great attention of rich breeders from Middle East. He was purchased by prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz from Saudi Arabia even before the success in Paris. In his stud Al Khalediah Aja Sangali FS Bengali continues his show carrier, and shows how good sire he is. Mountaz Al Biwaibiya sired by FS Bengali, won for example two-times Juvenile’s Stallion Championship in international show in Dubai (2004, 2005), El Ran Cup Vice-Championship 2005, Top Five of Jr. Stallion in Nations Cup Championship in Aachen, the winner of third position in ECAHO Cup ranking in year 2005. In the same year second position was won by the daughter of AJA Sangali, Lana Al Khalidiah – Vice-Champion of Younger Mares in international show in Sharjah (2005), Champion of Younger Mares El Run Cup (2005), Top Five international show in Dubai in 2006. Also younger mares – Alliya and Nashwat Al Khalidiah – present themselves in very good way during different shows. Supposedly in 2007 in Al Khalediah especially remarkable mare after Aja Sangali was born.

Second from sires of FS Bengali – Aja Sanagor has trod in his brother’s footsteps. As one-year old colt earned a title of Champion during international shows in Wels and Towerlands and Vice-Champion of German Elite Show. One year later he became the Champion of show in Merrist Wood and El Ran Cup Vice-Champion in Borgloon, as three-year old stallion he won German Elite Championship. In year 2005 he earned the title of Champion of Great Britain’s Older Stallions and the title of Supreme Champion (the best horse of the show). So after such a successes, the fact of buying him by the Khaled Al Nughaimshey from Kuwait in 2005/2006 was nothing strange. Aja Sanagor left his descendents in Sweden and in Great Britain.

Aja Svengali – less titled sires of FS Bengali – became the Champion of Younger Stallions and the Champion of HoCon Show in Towerlands in 2001. One year later he won North West Show Championship and earned the title of the Champion of Great Britain’s Juvenile Stallions.

In ECAHO Stars ranking he is one of the seven stallions, who was evaluated above 300 points for his own accomplishments and one of the five, who earned altogether four stars for his own and his descendents achievements.




Kubinec (SU) Balaton (SU) Menes (SU)
Panagia (SU)
Kosmetika (SU) Muscat (SU)
Karta (SU)
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Mohena (DE)
De La Reina (US) Kaiyoum (US)
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