(Monarch AH - HF Orzonna)
grey stallion, 1999, measurements: 155-178-20,5 cm
breeder: H.R. Flammer, US
owner: SK Tarnawka
sire line: Kuhailan Haifi or.ar. 1923, hod. Khalef el Aouad, imp. 1931 Gumniska (PL)
dam line: Gazella or.ar. 1840, hod. Anazeh Sebaa (B), imp. 1845 Jarczowce (PL)






Ontario HF is sired by the phenomenalrace horse and outstanding stud horse – stallion Monarch AH, who represents the lineage of Kuhailan Haifi or.ar.. The sire of Monarch AH – Wiking – was representativeof splendor racing blood from Janów Lubelski, originating from the daughter of Laura – Worskli. For example she is a motherof:Wosk – Derby winner, Sanna – Oaks winner and her full sister (from same sire and dam) , which was born in United States of Americafrom breeding stock in Janów,AH Rapsodyn Blue who was the IAHA Oaks winner. Wiking started with successesfor the period of 5 years in Poland and in USA, but first of all he shown to be the beststalling of race horses in USA (and possible in the world). In 1999 the total amount of awards won by his descendents exceeded already5 millions of dollars. In the same ranking he was chased by his own son – Monarch AH, who after 1999 seasonwas on the third place in American Evertime Ranking. Possiblyat this moment of time this result would be much more better, but the stallion was soldin 2001 on Middle East, and this fact makes difficultto analyse the achievements of his descendents. It is worth to underline, that Monarch AH from his dam side, legendary Sasanka, represents marvellous race family – the Sabellina family.The one – who is continuing this oneand only kind of line is mare Saracena- “three times crowned” Sarnacja, which won Derby and Oaks as before did thatSabellina, Santa, Sasanka and Saszetka. Next the most dignified successorof Sarnacja – is her daughter Savvannah – full sister of Sarcen, who due to the change of the trainerand the jokey short before Derby didn’t win the blue ribbon, but she wasdefinitelythe best horse from her yearand not only.


Ontario HF is also a representative another excellentpolish racing blood, originating from Orla from Janów. His dam HF Orzonna , was born in USA but sired still in Janów and exported in her’s mother womb, she is granddaughter of phenomenal“three times crowned” Orla. HF Orzonna, the winner of the Oaks in California, finished her racing career with the result 2/10 (7-2-0) 0+3+1.


Like for the horse with such an impressivepedigree,Ontario HF during his three yearsracing career ,started in 22 races, in which he placed himself always on paid positions,and won altogether 137.116 USD . In each one from 8 outside group races, in which he took part in, he was from 1. to 3. (won in 4).

Ontario HF won prestige prize Darley in category The Best Four-Year Gelding of 2003 year, which is awarded by the Arabian Jockey Club.


Afterfinished racing career Ontario took his place in horse stallas prominentin mother horse stud. In November 2006 he was bought by Mr Czesław Witko and brought him intohis stud in Kielnarowa in January 2007.


Ontario is the horse of athletic constructionwith strong rump and diagonal,longshoulder blade,distinguished withsolidlegs. Besides his racing horse values, he presents himself as Arabian type with polish beauty.


Monarch AH (US) Wiking (PL) Etap (PL)
Wilma (PL)
Sasanka (PL) Almifar (PL)
Santa (PL)
HF Orzonna (US) Pepton (PL) Bandos (PL)
Pemba (PL)
Orlica (PL) Krezus (PL)
Orla (PL)